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Harper government cripples ocean planning process in B.C.

Photo credit: Lloyd K. Barnes Photography via Flickr.

After years of negotiations among First Nations, tourism operators, local residents and others to establish an ocean plan for Canada’s Pacific North Coast, the federal government made a unilateral decision to pull out of a funding partnership designed to support scientific research, analysis and public input.

Why? Intense lobbying from the shipping industry persuaded the federal government that these negotiations might impede their plans to run oil tankers through British Columbia’s coastal waters.

Tell the Prime Minister that you want Canada to step forward to reinstate funding for the Pacific North Coast marine planning initiative so that we can establish a truly sustainable future for our oceans.

Canada can no longer afford to manage our oceans with a hodge-podge of regulations and fragmented enforcement. Leaving tanker-sized loopholes for industrial interests in ocean management plans while ignoring science and democratic input will not serve communities, First Nations or the marine environment.

Will shipping and oil interests trump science and the public interest? Is sending oil tankers to China more important than protecting fishing grounds and pristine ocean habitat? Let the Prime Minister and Minister of Fisheries and Oceans know what you think.

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