You have a right to know what’s in fragranced body products

Manufacturers don't have to tell you everything they put in their fragranced body products. A loophole in Canada's ingredient labelling rules allows them to use the general term "parfum" (or sometimes "fragrance") on ingredient lists.

But fragrances can contain a complicated mixture of chemicals. Many are linked to serious health issues, like asthma, allergies, hormone disruption, and migraines. And because fragrance is in nearly everything, it poses a serious, hidden health risk.

Some people avoid toxic chemicals in their everyday bath and body products. But there's no way of knowing what's in a product that includes parfum or fragrance. We need to close the ingredient labelling loophole. Consumers have the right to know about all ingredients contained in cosmetics – including fragrance chemicals. European regulations are stronger; they require manufacturers to identify 26 chemicals used as cosmetic fragrances on their labels. That's a start, and it's better than our regulations here in Canada. It's Prime Minister Stephen Harper's job to update Canada's regulations. Send him your concerns and ask him to reflect the needs of all Canadians by making companies disclose all fragrance ingredients.


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