Ask Minister Kent “What is next?” in fight against climate change

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Decision to withdraw from Kyoto violates Canadian values and leaves millions in harm's way

This week, Canada faced some unfamiliar music--outrage from observers worldwide, who noted that the our government’s decision to break its international commitment to the Kyoto Protocol, (the first and only signatory to do so), will undermine global efforts to fight climate change.

Coming on the heels of his efforts to scuttle the climate talks in Durban, South Africa, Environment Minister Peter Kent’s announcement is also widely seen as a repudiation of core Canadian values: internationalism, support for those in need and environmental protection.

Canada’s withdrawal from Kyoto and inaction on climate change shows a disregard for the millions in harm’s way. Droughts, heat waves, floods, the spread of disease and other effects of global warming are now killing an estimated 300,000 people every year and driving many more into poverty. Experts predict that up to a billion people could become refugees in coming years if the trend continues. Thousands of species of plants and animals--crucial to our own health and well-being--are also going extinct as climate change wreaks havoc on their habitat.

Is this what Canada now stands for?

We don’t think so. We believe, however, that this is a historic moment--when Canadians need to acknowledge how far our federal government has strayed from Canada's core values. We must state clearly that, whatever the federal government plans to do, Canadians will not abandon the progress being made nationwide in fighting climate change: by provinces, municipalities, non-profit organizations, businesses, unions and individual citizens.

Please take a moment to send a letter now to Environment Minister Peter Kent and your Member of Parliament, stating where we stand and what we know:

  • Climate change affects all of us;
  • Solutions to climate change fight poverty and ensure that vulnerable people and countries aren't left behind;
  • These solutions also generate better jobs and deliver cleaner air, better health and a brighter future for us, our children and grandchildren.


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